Glass Tooling

Glass & Mirror Cutting Tools

  • Handheld Glass & Mirror Cutting Tools
  • T ShapeStraight Glass Cutting Tools
  • Circle & Oval Glass Cutting Tools
  • Portable Disc CUtting Tool

Portable Glass Hole Drilling Machine

  • Light & Compact Design
  • Easy to Carry
  • Single Spindle
  • Standard Drill Bit
  • Up to Φ 250 mm Hole

Pliers & Chippers

  • All Kinds of Pliers for Glass Breakout
  • Heavy Duty Breakout Pliers for Thick Glass
  • Carving & Lacing Chippers for Glass Edge Decoration

Portable Glass Grinding & Polishing Tool

  • Versatile Portable or Handheld Tools
  • For Glass Edging, Grinding & Polishing
  • Electric or Pneumatic Power
  • Suitable for On Site Glass Jobs

Low E De-Coating Machine & Tools

  • Remove Low-E Coating of Glass Edges
  • Powerful Spindle
  • Delete Coating Thoroughly
  • Available in Two Models, Handheld Tool & Semi-Automatic Machine
  • Deletion Tool Powered by Pneumatic & Uses No Electricity

Glass Polishing Wheel

  • Versatile Wheels for Glass Polishing
  • 9R, 10S, BD, BK, CE3 & X3000/X5000
  • Glossy & Satin Finish
  • Engraving & Grooving Polishing Wheels Also Available

Glass Lifting Clamps

  • No Electricity & No Vacuum
  • Works Mechanically
  • Small & Compact
  • Very Convenient to Tighten & Release Glass
  • Up to 1000 kg Glass Loading

Glass Vacuum Suction Cups Lifters

  • Powerful Grip
  • Emergency Vacuum Back Up Battery
  • Double Safety Vacuum Circuit
  • Manual or Power Rotation
  • Manual or Power Tilting
  • Extendable Suction Arms for Jumbo Glass

Glass Hand Suction Cup

  • Single, Double & Triple Suction Cups in Various Diameters
  • From Budget till Heavy Duty Performance
  • Power Grip for Safety Handling
  • Durable Rubber Pads & Accessories
  • Flexible Angle Handle for Curve Glass & Autoglass

UV Lamps & Glues

  • UV Tube & UV Bulbs
  • Various Powers for Versatile Applications
  • Durable UV Lamps Last Longer
  • Wavelength Suitable to All Kinds of UV Glues

Dust Removing Tool & Consumables

  • Special Formulated Rubber Rollers Pick Up Dust
  • Handheld Rubber Rollers Also Available
  • Adhesive Paper Rolls Remove Dust
  • Adhesive Paper Sheets Remove Dust from Handheld Rubber Rolls