Glass Vacuum Suction Cups Lifters

Features & Specs


Glass vacuum lifting devices are necessary handling and grip tools to move glass around within factory especially when glass is heavy and/or large. The manipulators could be hung or hoist by any kinds of overhead cranes, carts, trolleys or even forklifts. These powerful glass grip vacuum lifters are also very useful during onsite glass installation especially in tall buildings.

CL-V-MC-1 Manual Tilt & Rotate Glass Vacuum Lifter Up to 400kg
CL-V-MC-1 Manual Tilt & Rotate Up to 400kg
CL-V-MC-1 Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter Transforms to Constrict Configuration
Transform into Other 3 Configurations
CL-V-MC-1D Electric Tilt & Rotate Up to
CL-V-MC-2 2800mm Wide Manual Tilt & Rotate Electric Cups Lifting Device Loaded Up to 800kg
2800mm Wide CL-V-MC-2 Manual Tilt & Rotate Up to 800kg
CL-V-MC-2-Q Heavy Duty Glass Vacuum Manipulator Handles Up To 1200kg Glass Load
CL-V-MC-2-Q 5000mm Wide & Pneumatic Tilt & Up to 1200kg
CL-V-MC-3 Manual Tilt & Rotate Cups Lifter Up to 350kg & Extendable to 2400mm Wide
CL-V-MC-3 Manual Tilt & Rotate Up to 350kg & Extendable to 2400mm Wide
CL-V-MC-4-A Glass Manipulator Powered By 12V DC Rechargeable Battery and Pneumatic Rotate Glass 90 Degrees
CL-V-MC-4-A Pneumatic Rotate & Up to 200kg
CL-V-MC-4-B Glass Vacuum Suction Cups Manipulator Tilts 90 Degree and Powered By 12V DC Rechargeable Battery
CL-V-MC-4-B Pneumatic Tilt & Up to 400kg
CL-V-MC-5 Manual E Rotate & Tilt Vacuum Cup Lifter
1100mm Wide CL-V-MC-5 Manual Tilt & Rotate Up to 200kg
CL-V-MC-5M Mini Portable Rechargeable DC Battery Driven Glass Vacuum Suction Cups
CL-V-MC-5-M Mini Portable & Manual Rotate & Up to 200kg