Glass Vacuum Suction Cups Lifters

Features & Specs


CL-V-MC-4-B Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter Unload & Tilt IGU from Vertical Line to Horizontal CL-V-MC-4-B Glass Vacuum Suction Cups Manipulator Tilts 90 Degree and Powered By 12V DC Rechargeable Battery


  • CE Certified
  • 12V DC Rechargeable Battery
  • Pneumatic 90o Tilting
  • Very Suitable For Glass Handling From Vertical To Horizontal Or Vice Versa
  • Very Suitable To Unload Insulated Glass From Exit Of Vertical Pressing Machine Onto Horizontal Table Or Conveyor
  • Powerful Cups Handle Up To 400 Kg Loading With 4 Vacuum Cups
  • Automatic Sensor Real Time Detects Air Leak
  • Vacuum Pump Re-Started Within 0.5 Second Whenever There Is Air Leak
  • Compact Design Allows Flexible Movement At Worksite


Models CL-V-MC-4-B
Max. Glass Loading 400 kg
Suction Cups 4
Glass Loading of Each Vacuum Cup 100 kg
90o Tilting Pneumatic
Power Source Compress Air
Charging Voltage AC 220V / AC 110V
Voltage DC 12 V / Two Batteries (For Sensor Only)
Outer Dimensions (Lx W x H) 1600 x 750 mm