Supplies & Consumables for Dust Removing


Images Models Items Specifications Applications
CDR-T Handheld Dust Removal Rubber Roller Tool CDR-T-100 Handheld Dust Removal Rubber Roller Tool 100mm Wide (4") Manual Dust Removal Roller Tool with Special Formulated Dust Removal Rubber
CDR-T-152 152mm Wide (6")
CDR-T-203 203mm Wide (8")
CDR-T-254 254mm Wide (10")
CDR-T-304 304mm Wide (12")
CDR-AS Dust Adhesive Sheet CDR-AS-240 Dust Adhesive Sheet 240 x 330mm, 50 sheets/pack Dusty Rubber Roller Rolls on this Adhesive Sheet to Transfer Dust from Rubber Roller to the Sheet Leaving Rubber All the Time Dust Free
CDR-RR Dust Removal Rubber Roll CDR-RR-640 Dust Removal Rubber Roll 640mm Wide Special Formulated Rubber Roller is Critical Component of Dust Removal Glass Surface Cleaning Machine to Pick up Dust from Glass Surface
CDR-RR-1000 1000mm Wide
CDR-RR-1500 1500mm Wide
CDR-AR Dust Adhesive Rolls CDR-AR-640 Dust Adhesive Roll Width 640mm x Length 20m Dust Stick on Rubber Roller is Transferred to this Adhesive Roll
CDR-AR-1000 Width 1000mm x Length 20m
CDR-AR-1350 Width 1350mm x Length 20m
CDR-AR-1500 Width 1500mm x Length 20m
CDR-WP Dust Free Wiping Paper CDR-DFWP-100 Dust Free Wiping Paper 100 x 100 mm, 1200 sheets/pack Used to Clean Rubber Roller Regularly or When Necessary & Also Any Other Applications Where Dust Free is Required
CDR-DFWP-152 152 x 152 mm, 300 sheets/pack
CDR-DFWP-228 228 x 228 mm, 300 sheets/pack
CDR-DFWP-250 250 x 250 mm, 100 sheets/pack