Gun Spray Glass Painting Machine


Drying Oven & Cooling Section

Drying oven and cooling section are continuous design with conveyor. It could be incorporated in line to gun spraying machine with conveyor. After painting, work piece exits out of spraying chamber and enters into drying oven and then cooling section. Spraying machine, drying oven and cooling section are connected with conveying system. No glass loading and unloading during the whole process. This maximizes productivity and meanwhile, eliminates non-dry paint damage during manual handling.

Glass Exits Out of Gun Spray Machine
Glass Enters Drying Oven Continuously After Exiting Gun Spray Machine
Exhaust Fan Evacuate Unwanted Evaporated Vapor
Buyer Provided Exhaust Duct Lead to Outside of Workshop
Glass Continuously Travels inside Drying Oven
Cooling Blower Allows Hand Unloading of Glass