Gun Spray Glass Painting Machine


Air Pressurize & Water Curtain Air Purification System

Glass spray painting machine is usually installed inside a painting room which is equipped with air purification system. If such painting room is unavailable and air purification is required, glass spraying machine could be equipped with optional air purification system. This system consists of air pressurize device and water curtain device. The air pressurize device creates positive air pressure inside spraying chamber. The water curtain runs continuously like waterfall. There is a powerful air suction fan behind water curtain. The air pressurized spraying chamber forces paint mist passing through water curtain under the help of suction fan behind water curtain. Paint mist or any other air contamination is brought down to the water tank. Clean air is then exhausted outside workshop through air ducts provided by buyer.

Air Pressurized & Water Curtain System of Glass Gun Spray Painting Machine