glass painting

Glass Silk Screen Printing Machine

  • Print Ink on Glass Surface with Stencil
  • Available with Fully-, 3/4- or Semi-Automatic Machines
  • Four Columns, Cantilever & Tilting Designs
  • Precision Glass Registration
  • Very Fine Adjustable Stencil Frame Registration
  • User Friendly HMI Touch Panel Operator Interface with PLC
  • Very High Accurate Repeatability for Multi-Colors Printing

Silk Screen Stencil Preparation Equipments

  • Complete Devices Making Stencil with Frame Structure
  • Mechanical & Electrical Stretching Machines
  • Double or Single Sides Automatic Emulsion Coating System
  • High Vacuum UV Exposure Machine
  • Heat Cure Emulsion Drying Cabinet

Glass Spraying Machine

  • Apply Paint, Ink & Lacquer, etc on Glass with Gun Spraying Process
  • PLC Control System
  • Overhead Spraying Guns with Sophisticated Nozzles
  • Automatic Transverse Motion of Spraying Guns Travels To & Fro
  • Automatic Travel of Glass on Belt Conveyor
  • Spraying Guns Traverse Movement Perpendicular to Glass Travel Direction

Glass & Mirror Curtain Coating Machine

  • High Efficient Mirror Back Painting Machine
  • Could Also Apply Paint or Ink on Glass Surfaces
  • Reliable Acceleration & Deceleration Conveyors
  • Easy Adjustable Paint Thickness
  • Paint Recirculation with Zero Wastage
  • Include Drying Oven to Evaporate Paint Solvent
  • Include Cooling Section to Cool Down Mirror for Handling

Frames & Silk Screen Fabrics for Stencil Preparation

  • Available with Fix or Adjustable Frames without Screen Fabrics
  • Available with Frames & Ready Made Well Stretched Screen Fabric
  • Anti-Corrosive Extruded Aluminium Section with High Mechanical Strength
  • Re-Arranged Position of Part of Stencil for Adjustable Frames
  • Various Aluminum Section Designs for Different Applications
  • High Tensile Strength Screen Fabrics
  • Durable Polyester, Nylon or any other Available Screen Fabrics
  • White, Yellow or any other Available Color Fabrics