EVA Interlayer for Encapsulation of Photovoltaic Solar Panel



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EVA film is the most popular encapsulant for photovoltaic solar panel. A photovoltaic solar panel is a composite of several layers including ultra clear glass, EVA film, solar cell, EVA film and TPT substrate.

After years of practicing, EVA film, among all available encapsulation materials, is proven to be the most cost effective, friendly handling, lowest operating cost with outstanding performances.

EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate. It is a thermoplastic copolymer resin. EVA resin, together with special additives for cross linking, is heated and mixed thoroughly and is then extruded through a flat die of a special design plastic extruding machine. EVA film is then formed. It is finally wind up in roll for storage and packing.

Recipe of EVA film for photovoltaic encapsulation is different from those films for furnishing, decoration and building purpose. It is re-formulated such that it suits precisely all criteria for photovoltaic purpose.

Xinology “Solar” type EVA interlayer film contains no plasticizer. This extraordinary adhesive film is non-sticky and inert to water moisture at room temperature. Handling and glass assembly could be done easily. Its outstanding performances guarantee more than 20 years of photovoltaic panel life time.