Glass Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic PV Solar Module Panel Production Machines

  • Complete Production Machines to Convert Solar Cell into Solar Panel Module
  • Includes Solar Cell Sorting & Cutting Machine, Interlink Ribbon & Busbar Cutting Machine, Single & Serial Solar Cell Soldering Machine, EVA TPT Cutting Table, Vacuum & Laminating Machine, Aluminum Frame Installing Machine, Inspection Devices & Accessories, etc.
  • Sophisticated Design & Durable Machines
  • Available in Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Production Lines

Solar Cell & Wafer Laser Scribing & Scoring Machine

  • Laser Scoring of Solar Cell or Silicon Wafer into Smaller Sizes
  • Suitable to Cut Mono- or Poly-Crystalline Solar Cells
  • Available in Semi-Conductor & Advance Optical Fiber Laser Technology
  • Negligible Scribing Line Minimizes Cutting Wastage
  • Fast Scoring Speed
  • Scribing Edges Free of Burr

Photovoltaic EVA Encapsulation Film Production Line

  • Design to Manufacture EVA Film for PV Encapsulation
  • Produce also EVA Films for Glass Decorative & Architectural Purposes
  • Anti-Abrasive Ultra Hard Extruding Screw
  • High Power Extruding Screw Motor
  • Durable Gear Box with High Efficiency Water Cooling
  • Real Time Monitoring of EVA Film Thickness
  • Produce also White EVA Films for Thin Film Photovoltaic Panel Encapsulation

EVA Film for Photovoltaic

  • Specially Formulated EVA for PV Encapsulation
  • Degradation Proof with Excellent Anti-UV Characteristic
  • Super Transparency at Lowest Haze
  • Chemically Inert with Outstanding Adhesion to Glass
  • Micro Emboss Surface Allow Easy Air Evacuation During Vacuum
  • Available in Two Types of Film for Fast or Standard Process
  • Available from 0.2mm to 0.8mm Thickness