Butyl Tape for Primary Seal of Insulated Glass



Low Elasticity BST-B Butyl Tape High Elasticity BST-B Butyl Tape
  • Pre-extruded butyl tape
  • Wind in disc for easy storage & handle
  • Protected with thin film for further non-sticking handling & processing
  • No butyl extruding machine is required
  • Perfect water and vapor permeable proof
  • Coated on both sides of spacer bar simultaneously with simple IG-BTC butyl tape coating tool
  • Coated on curved or shape spacer bars easily that could not be applied by butyl extruding machine
  • Press insulated glass with simple IG-HBPS pneumatic handheld butyl pressing & sealing tool getting rid of high operating costs of bulky rollers or panel pressing machines
  • Save huge capital investment of tradition glass insulating line
  • Lowest possible insulated glass production costs
  • Occupy the least floor space