Solar Parabolic Mirror Reflectors for CSP & CPC Concentrating Solar Power & Solar Thermal Systems

Ultra Thin Parabolic Mirrors

Instead of traditional 3.2mm or even thicker mirrors applied for CSP & CPC industry, thinner mirror is also applicable when it is chemically toughened. With chemically strengthening, mirror can be as thin as 1mm or even thinner but with remarkable performances. Comparing to traditional 3.2mm physical temper mirror, impact and mechanical strengths of chemically toughen thin mirror is much higher. Meanwhile, chemically strengthening mirror has extraordinary flexural strength. This remarkable property allows flat mirror conforms to any parabolic shape at installation site. No more bending and tempering. Mirror is always flat.

  • 1mm Chemically Strengthen Mirror Without Loading
  • Curving is Due To Gravitation Force of Mirror Itself
  • 1mm Chemically Strengthen Mirror With Loading
  • Conforms to Any Parabolic Shape
  • Extraordinary Impact Strength
  • Passes Very High Ball Drop Height