Solar Parabolic Mirror Reflectors for CSP & CPC Concentrating Solar Power & Solar Thermal Systems


Highly Reflective Solar Parabolic Mirrors for Almost Any Applications of Concentrating Solar Power or Thermal Plants

Solar mirror is used to gather and reflect solar energy in a solar thermal system, a solar power plant and a solar energy concentration system for renewable green energy. Solar mirror is usually made of glass substrate. Glass mirror surface is coated with highly reflective layer such as silver or aluminum. The metal reflective coating is very thin super sensitive passivation layer protected with layers of paint including anti-UV resistant lacquer. These extraordinary high reflectivity rate of mirrors we provide include:

  • Solar Parabolic Mirrors
  • Solar Linear Parabolic Mirrors
  • Solar Compound Parabolic Mirrors
  • Solar Thermal Mirrors
  • Solar Bend Mirrors
  • Solar Curve Mirrors
  • Solar Spherical Mirrors
  • Solar Single Curvature Mirrors
  • Solar Flat Mirrors