Solar Parabolic Mirror Reflectors for CSP & CPC Concentrating Solar Power & Solar Thermal Systems


  • High Reflective Coating Layer
  • 2mm or Even Thinner Ultra Thin Mirror Available with Extraordinary Impact, Mechanical & Flexural Strengths
  • Linear Parabolic or Compound Parabolic
  • Complex Curve
  • Free of Bending Sag or Controllable Bending Sag If Necessary
  • High Accuracy of Curvature & Size
  • Precise Focus on Focal Point Maximizing Energy Collection & Absorbing
  • Metal Reflecting Coating Layer Protected by Layers of Paints including UV Block Resistant Paint
  • Durable Coating for Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Fine Polish Mirror Edge Finish
  • Tempered Mirrors
  • Glass Substrate Could be Ordinary Glass or Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass with Higher Transparency & Thus Higher Reflectivity When It becomes Mirror