Solar Parabolic Mirror Reflectors for CSP & CPC Concentrating Solar Power & Solar Thermal Systems

Compare to Physically Tempered Parabolic Mirror

Compare Items Advantage of Using Chemically Strengthened Parabolic Mirror Disadvantage of Using Physically Tempered Parabolic Mirror
Mirror Parabolic Shapes
  • Does not Care
  • Always Produce Flat Mirror
  • Bend & Temper According to Each Design of Parabolic Shape
  • Each Shape of Parabolic Mirror is Non-Interchangeable
Thickness & Weight
  • 1mm or Even Thinner Mirror & Thus Lighter
  • Usual 3.2mm & Comparatively Heavier
Flexural Bending Strength
  • Excellent
  • Flat Mirror Conforms to Any Shape of Sun Tracking Steel Structure
  • Poor
  • Must Be Physically Bend
Impact Strength
  • Excellent
  • Fair
Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent
  • Fair
Scratch Proof
  • Excellent
  • Fair
Optical Distortion
  • Absolutely Free of Optical Distortion
  • Mirror Concentration Efficiency Is Not Reduced
  • Inevitable Optical Distortion Due To Roller Hearth Design with Roll Forming Technology Or Press Bending Mould
  • Inevitable Uncontrollable Bending Sag If Using Gravity Bending Technology with Ring Mould
  • Mirror Concentration Efficiency Is Reduced
Keep in Stock
  • Could be Possible
  • Place Flat Mirror Order Once Mirror Sizes Are Design
  • No Need To Know Parabolic Equation
  • Conforms to Any Parabolic Steel Structure of Tracking System
  • Impossible
  • Place Order Only After Mirror Parabolic Equation Confirmed
Transportation Cost
  • Very Lower
  • Each Crate Holds Many More Area of Mirror Due to Thin & Flat
  • Crate is Lighter Due to Light Mirror
  • Expansive
  • Each Crate Holds Lesser Area of Mirror Due to Thick & Curve
  • Crate is Heavier Due to Thick Mirror
Shape Stability
  • Steel Frame Structure of Tracking System May Distorted Day After Day
  • Does Not Affect & Break Glass Due to Extraordinary Flexural Strength
  • Break Glass If Steel Frame Distortion is Beyond Glass Flexural Limit
Life Time
  • Longer
  • Shorter
Production Facilities
  • Chemically Strengthening System
  • Ordinary Flat Mirror Silvering Line
  • Expansive Glass Bending & Tempering Furnace
  • Expansive Curve Mirror Silvering Line