Combo Convection & Irradiation Glass Tempering Furnace

Features & Specs


Combo CONVAIR Irradiation Convection Glass Toughening Furnace

The Ianua horizontal tempering machine is designed for high quality tempering of flat glass. The equipment is a horizontal roller heart type furnace with a high efficiency heating system consisting of a combined convection and radiation heating. The machine has superb characteristics for the glass quality, capability to process coated and reflective glasses and making difficult glasses such as door glasses with holes, notches etc. The machine is well proven roller heart design with special improvements on the following points:

  • The heating system consists of radiation heating elements and additional effective convection heating system (CONVAIR®). The convection heating improves the machine capability to heat and temper coated and reflective glasses well. Furthermore, glass heating is even on the top and bottom side of glass and blowing of cool air into the furnace can be avoided. The capacity is improved due to higher heating efficiency.
  • The roller drive system and all the furnace rollers run continuously on the same phase thus ensuring a high glass quality.
  • The quench section features high efficiency quench nozzles, which minimize the required quench power. The high pressure blowers are driven with motors controlled by inverter.
  • The system is designed from commercially available components for high reliability, good service and easy availability of spares.