Stencil Preparation Equipments



Screen Tensioning Equipments

SPE-ST screen fabric tensioning devices stretch fabric until required tension strength is reached. It is available in two types.

Automatic Screen Stretching Machine with Pre-Loaded Screen Roll Reliable Frame Structure of SPE-ST-M Screen Tensioning System Stretches Stencil Mechanically

Emulsion Coating Machines

SPE-EC coating machines apply UV sensitive emulsion on fabric. It is available in two types.

Squeegee Bar of Single Side Automatic Emulsion Coating MachineMoveUp down Consistently Sturdy Structure of Emulsion Coating System Ensures Uniform Coating

Drying Cabinets

Drying Cabinet Heats Dries Screen Stencil for Glass Screen Printing

Vacuum UV Exposure Equipment

Stencil UV Exposure Under High Vacuum