Photovoltaic EVA Encapsulation Film Production Line


EVA Film Shrinkage

Solar Cell Crack due to Too Much Shrinkage of EVA Film During Heating & Pressing

EVA shrinkage rate is crucial. EVA film shall shrink when it is being heated up at photovoltaic module laminating and pressing machine. The PV module consists of fragile solar cell. Solar cell may be damaged due to too much shrinkage of EVA film. Low shrinkage rate prevents the risk of solar cell from damage. Lowest possible EVA shrinkage rate could be achieved by running the EVA film production line at very slow speed. The slower is the running speed, the lower the EVA shrinkage rate. However, too slow speed would lead to poor production capacity. High running speed would lead to higher productivity, but shrinkage rate would be very high and this may damage solar cell during laminating and pressing. Therefore, an optimum speed Vs shrinkage rate should be carefully investigated.