Vacuum Silicon Rubber Rings


Laminated Glass Vacuum & Heating Rubber Rings Available for Various Thicknesses Glass Laminating Rubber Rings Fit Various Thickness Guarantee Air Leak Proof
  • Rubber rings remove air in between two pieces of glass during pre-laminating under vacuum
  • Available in any lengths according to custom request
  • Extrusion silicon strip
  • Almost seamless ends joined strongly with special skills
  • Tough while soft for handling
  • Flexible enough to wrap any shape of glass turning corners
  • Extended silicon tube connecting to vacuum pump system
  • Longer vacuum rings are provided with two pieces of silicon tubes
  • Profile section designed to wrap and remove from laminated glass edges easily
  • 100% air leak proof
  • The higher is vacuum, the tighten the seal
  • Carefully formulated silicon resists high temperature
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Available in two series
  • VSR-C for curve corners suitable of windshield
  • VSR-T for right angles, obtuse angles or sharp angles of trapezoid laminated glass
  • Special corner connecting profiles of VSR-T ensures air leak proof at angles joints
Laminated Glass Silicon Vacuum Rubber Ring Sections