Vertical Glass Hole Drilling Machine



Semi-Automatic Vertical Glass Hole Drilling Machine
  • Budget vertical drilling machine
  • Front & rear double drilling spindles
  • Drilling spindles move up & down along vertical bridge simply by pressing button
  • Glass horizontal movement by manual
  • Spindles rotational speed regulated by frequency converter
  • Center core drill water cooling
  • Easy operation
  • Simple but reliable design


  • Load glass & move glass manually along support rail until horizontal hole position is registered
  • Push button to move spindles up or down until vertical hole position is registered
  • Turn hand wheel to feed spindles & core drill as well manually approaching glass surface to check hole position
  • If core drillers do not align & match hole position, adjust glass horizontal position & spindles vertical position until core drillers align with hole position
  • Push button to activate glass pressing support to hold glass in position
  • Rear spindles & front spindles are to be worked in sequence automatically