glass drilling

Horizontal Glass Hole Drilling Machine

  • Double Spindles
  • Adjustable Spindle Rotational Speed
  • Laser Positioning
  • Glass Moved Easily on Pop up Caster Balls Table
  • Water Runs inside Drill Bit
  • Glass Core Ejection Automatically

Vertical Glass Hole Drilling Machine

  • Vertical Driller for Easy Large Pane Handling
  • Fast & Easy Glass Registration
  • Two Types Vertical Drillers Available
  • SM Series Semi-Automatic Driller with Manual Registration
  • NC Series Automatic Driller with Automatic Registration
  • SM Series Driller With No PLC & HMI Touch Panel Display
  • NC Series Driller With PLC & HMI Touch Panel Dislpay
  • Both Drillers Bear Front & Rear Double Drilliing Spindles
  • Automatic Drilliing Spindles Feeding for Both Drillers
  • Cooling Water Runs inside Drill Bit for Both Drillers

CNC Vertical Glass Drilling & Milling Working Center

  • Fully Automatic Computer Numerical Control Machine
  • Tool Station Holds Several Tools For Automatic Tool Changing
  • Automatic Holes Drill, Countersink, Chamfer, Milling, Routing & Notching, etc
  • Very Suitable for All Kinds of Frameless Glass Work Such As Doors, Shower Enclosures & Railing, etc
  • Extremely High Efficiency for Holes Spider Glazing

Portable Glass Hole Drilling Machine

  • Light & Compact Design
  • Easy to Carry
  • Single Spindle
  • Standard Drill Bit
  • Up to Φ 250 mm Hole