Horizontal Double Spindles Glass Holes Drilling Machine


Models GHD-H-130
Durable Glass Drilling Spindles of GHD-H-130 Drill Holes Free Of Burr
Both Top and Bottom Drilling Spindles of G-GHD-130AL Glass Driller Work Automatically
Nr. Of Drilling Spindles Two (Top / Bottom)
Bottom Drill Spindle Feeding Automatic
Top Drill Spindle Feeding Handle Automatic
Glass Core Disposal Automatic ejected to collector box
Drill Holes Registration Manual Laser
Glass Positioning Jig & fixture
Glass Thickness 3 ~ 20 mm
Glass Drill Hole Diameter Φ4 ~ Φ130 mm
Spindles Rotational Speed 930 ~ 1400 RPM
Max. Distance From Core Drill Center To Glass Edge 1000 mm
Glass Core Drilling Bit Taper & screw connected to spindle
60° taper & G1/2” screw combined with drill bit
60° taper & G1/2” screw hold drill bit
Working Table Activated by pneumatic
Working Table Size 2600 x 1400 mm
Working Height 950 mm
Water Cooling Water running inside core dill bit
Power 2.2 kW
Voltage 380 V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
Weight 950 kg
Outer Dimension 2800(W) x 1900(L) x 2100(H) mm