Spherical Convex Glass & Mirror Cutting Machines (Auto Car Mirror Cutting Machines)


Template-Free Automatic CNC Spherical Glass & Mirror Cutting Machine

CNC Auto Mirror Cutting Machine with CAD System

CNC Spherical Glass Cutting Machine with CAD System


  • 4 Axis CNC with Servo Control System
  • Cut Spherical & Aspherical Glass & Mirror As Well
  • Consistent Cutting Edge with No Chips
  • Perfect Cutting Junction of Starting & End Point
  • Cut Any Curve Shape Without Templates
  • Cut Single Curvature
  • Cut on Convex Surface & Also Concave Surface As Well
  • Cut Symmetric Left & Right Auto Mirror
  • Automatic Cutting Wheel Compensation
  • Fast Connected & Changeable Spherical Supports for Various Radius of Curvature
  • Profiles Could be Zoom In or Out Unidirectionally or Bidirectionally at Very Fine Adjustment
  • Profile Images Created by CAD or Input DXF Files

Cutting of Single Curvature Glass for Bus,
Coach or Truck Mirrors

Cut as Small as R120mm Glass

Cutting of Spherical Glass

Cutting of Spherical Mirror on Concave Surface


Digitizing Device for Automotive Mirror Cutting

Digitizing Device

  • This Device is Required when Cutting Profiles are not Stored in Electronic Files
  • This Device is Required when Cutting Profiles are in the Form of Templates Usually Made of Wood, Plastic or Metal
  • This Device is Used to Digitized the Template Profile & to Transform all Dots into Continuous Profile & Stored in Electronic File which Could be Edited Directly Suitable for Cutting
  • USB Interface Connected to Computer
  • Max. Measuring Diagonal is 600mm
  • Measuring Accuracy is +/- 0.05mm
Automatically Convert Digitizing Data to Electronic Profile Suitable for Auto Mirror Cutting


Models CUT-SC-CNC-4
Max. Cutting Diagonal Length 500 mm
Glass Radius of Curvature R100 mm ~ R100,000 mm
Cutting Tolerance ±0.05 mm
(Vary according to Radius of Curvature)
Max. Cutting Speed 8 m/min.
Power 1 KW
Voltage 380V / 50Hz / 3 Phase
Outer Dimensions (L x W x H) 1500 x 750 x 1500 mm