XY Straight Glass Breaking Out Machine

  • Distortion Table Top Covered By Thick Scratch Proof Felt
  • Compact Air Blower Installed Beneath Tables
  • Air Floatation Creating Air Cushion Allowing Glass Moves Freely on Table
  • Strong Traverse & Longitudinal Breakout Bars
  • Powerful Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Sizes Available from 1000 x 2000mm to 3300 x 6100mm
  • Table Tilt & Arms Tilt are Available
  • Air Floating & Non-Air Floating are Also Available

Strip Glass Breaking Out Machine

  • Hundreds to Thousands Pieces of Rectangular or Square Glass are Breakout In Minutes
  • 50 To Hundreds Times More Throughput than Manual Breakout
  • Reliable Mechanical Breakout
  • Easy Adjustment & Operation
  • Breakout Is Done Automatically
  • Lowest Possible Labor Force
  • Almost Free of Maintenance
  • Both Single Strip Glass Loading & Magazine for Multiple Strips Glass Loading are Available

Shape Glass Breaking Out Machine

  • Freely Self Rotating Roller Breakout Table
  • Surplus Glass Cullet Falls Down into Bottom Trash
  • Budget Design but Highest Production Throughput
  • Simple Structure but Reduces Extensive Labour Force
  • Could be Incorporated inline with Autoglass Preprocessing Line