Glass XY Breakout Tables for Straight Cut


GH-FT Series XY Glass Breakout Tables

GH-FT series glass breakout tables are used to incorporate with glass cutting machine for manual glass straight cut break out with the help of breakout bars. Glass cutting done manually is also suitable to accomplish in these tables. Breakout bars are installed beneath table. Air floatation helps to move glass freely on table until glass scoring line run right above break out bar. Break out bars pop up by powerful pneumatic cylinders. Tilting and non-tilting models are available. Air floatation and non air floatation are also available.

Series GH-FT-A
Tilting Glass Breakout Table Used for Glass Breaking After Cutting
Air Floating Glass Breakout Machine with Tilting Arms for Glass Loading
Air Floatation Glass Break Out Table
Budget Glass Breaking Table
Air Floatation Yes Yes Yes No
Tilting Yes Yes No No
Tilting Mode Table Tilt Arm Tilt N/A N/A