Glass Bending Ovens


Energy Fuels

Glass Bending Ovens Could Be Fired By Coal, Heavy Oil, Gas And Electric.


Coal fuel glass bending ovens are difficult to have heating temperature controlled properly. Glass surface is usually contaminated. It is rarely found in the market.


With high efficiency gas burners, fuel consumption of gas fired glass bending oven is relatively low comparing to electric fire furnaces. Gas fired glass bending ovens are usually more suitable for large batch production such as windshield bending. The ovens are very complex and expansive. More maintenance is required. They are usually found in large size of automotive glass manufacturers.


Oil fuel glass bending ovens are relatively complex. They are also rarely found in market.


Electric glass bending ovens are the most popular glass furnaces available in market. Oven structure is simple and It is easy to manipulate heating temperatures. Almost no maintenance is required. No pollution occurs and glass is not contaminated.