Glass Bending Ovens


Bend Glass


Bend glass is extensively used in a numbers of applications including, but not limited to automotive glass such as laminated windshields and backlites, architectural and decorative glass, atrium glass, glass elevators, glass furniture, glass cabinets, glass basins, glass plates, glass ornaments and glassware, etc. Bend glass could be monolithic single pane of glass, double glass for safety lamination or multilayer glass for armour purposes.

Single Bend

Single Curvature Bend Glass

It is a bend glass with single radius of curvature. It is widely found in architectural, decorative glass and glass elevators.

Compound Bend

Compound Bent Glass

It is also known as double bend or complex bent. It is a bend glass with double radius of curvature, one in longitudinal bend and another cross bend. Typical example is automotive windshield.

Angle Bend

Glass Angle Bending

Flat glass is "folded" into angle glass during bending. It could be 90o, larger than 90o, or even less than 90o. The two extending sides could be flat or curve. The glass is widely found in glass furniture, glass cabinet, glass teapoy, glass coffee table and glass aquarium, etc.

Straight & Curve Bend

Straight and Curve Glass

It is usually found in glass furniture, decorative glass and architectural glass.

Irregular Bend

Irregular Bend Glass

It is usually art design glass for furniture or decoration. Complex elegant curve is obtained with extraordinary glass bending skill.

Spherical Bend

Spherical Mirror

Spherical and aspherical bend glass are usually found in safety mirrors, cosmetic mirrors and car side view mirrors.

Slump Bend

Slumping Glass Lantern Slumping Glass Sink

Typical example of slump bending is glass basins and glass sinks.

Fuse & Bend

Bent and Fuse Glass

Glass bending requires high temperature. When temperature is high enough for glass softening, glass could be fused. So glass bending ovens are also suitable to fuse glass. If it is bent fuse glass, it is bending when it is being fused.

Armour Bend

Armour Curve Glass

Armour bend glass is extensively applied in armour vehicles.

Other Bends

Sunken Glass Plate Wavy Glass

This is usually for glass ornaments and glassware.