Glass Laminated Windshield Production Line

PVB stretch


  • The machine consists of heating system, conveying system, conical stretching system, cooling system, working table and electric control system.
  • It stretches rectangular shape of PVB into arc shape according to variety sizes of automotive glass.
  • PVB roll is loaded in the machine. PVB film is winded in the machine. A conveying system carries PVB film such that it is always under consistent tension during its running.
  • Heating system heats up and soft PVB films uniformly.
  • PVB film passes in between two easily adjustable conical cylinders which stretch PVB films until top and bottom parellel edges of PVB film are reshaped into arc. PVB film is always stretched in uniform thickness and the stretching does not affect film’s original surface roughness. If necessary, this machine can also stretch PVB films to make them thinner.
  • After stretching, PVB film exits in between two conical cylinders and runs on worktable for manual cutting (cutting tool is excluded).