Glass Laminated Windshield Production Line



LGAL-4 Compact Windshield PVB Assembly Line

LGAL-4 Compact PVB Assembly Line

  • Consists of Assembly Conveyor & Bridge Rack
  • Inline with Subsequent Pre-Heating & Vacuum Oven Conveyor Minimizes Glass Handling Labor Force for Continuous Mass Production
  • Conveyor with Idle Wheels which Carries Glass Downstream
  • Operator Separates Two Pieces of Glass
  • Powder Removed by Buyer’s Vacuum Cleaner
  • Glass Inspection
  • Unroll & Cut PVB on Optional Table
  • Cut Size of PVB Films Stack on Bridge Rack
  • Assembly PVB with Glass
  • Trim Excess PVB around Glass Edge
  • Wrap Silicon Rings around Glass Rim
LGAL-8 Longer Windshield PVB Assembly Line

LGAL-8 Longer PVB Assembly Line