Frames & Screen Fabrics For Stencil Preparation


Adjustable Frames

Adjustable Stencil Frames Free Repeated Stencil Preparation Process Adjustable Stencil Frames Save Money
  • K series adjustable framework
  • Position could be re-arranged when part of stencil is required to be regulated
  • Carefully selected aluminum alloy
  • Specially formulated for stencil preparation
  • Extraordinary resistance to tensile strength
  • High mechanical strength
  • High hardness
  • Corrosive proof
  • Anti-twist
Models Sections Descriptions
K1 K1 Hidden screws
K2 K2 Non-distortion arch design
K3 K3 Modification base on K2
K4 K4 Plastic round rod for fixing of fabric stretching
K5 K5 Easy stretch modified base on K4