Budget Glass Grinding & Polishing Machines


Three Wheels

With a little modification, three profile wheels can be attached to motor spindle at one time. They could be metal bond diamond wheel, resin bond diamond wheel and polishing wheel. When coarse grinding is finished, motor spindle is adjusted until next fine wheel is level with glass edge. When glass is polished with fine wheel, glass is unloaded. Next glass is loaded. Meanwhile, motor spindle is adjusted until coarse wheel is level with glass edge for coarse grinding. This saves time for wheel replacement if motor spindle holds only one wheel.

Frequency Converter

When rotational speed is critical for some kinds of wheel, frequency converter is added to regulate motor spindle rotational speed infinitely to achieve the most optimum edge finish and wheel life time for certain kinds of wheels.

Stainless Steel Table

Table is replaced by stainless steel which lasts longer.

Stainless Steel Motor Holder

Holding plates which motor is bolted are replaced by stainless steel which lasts longer.

Abrasive Proof Caster Ball

Particles such as glass chips are generated during grinding and polishing. The chips may affect caster ball when cooling water drains over table. Abrasive proof caster balls are design to resist erosion by chips. They are durable and last longer.

Water Recirculation System

When water cost is a major concern, this system is incorporated to the machine. The system includes water pump, stainless steel water collecting plates and stainless steel water tank.