Spacer Bar Cutting Machine

Features & Specs

Advance Cutting Design Eliminates Unwanted Burrs & Chips



It consists of loading and unloading racks, cutting system and linear bearing. Cutting system is in between the two racks.

Special design rotating cutting blade cuts spacers easily. Outstanding cutting technique guarantees smooth and burr free spacer cut edge. Spacer cutting edges are free of burrs and chips.

Sliding gauge measuring ruler and stoppers ensures spacer bars cut in exact lengths. Stoppers slide on measuring ruler until requested lengths are obtained. Screw and fix stoppers. Spacer bars are loaded against stoppers and are hold in position. Cutting is then performed in a second by means of foot pedal.


Model IG-SBC
Loading Rack Length 2000 mm
Unloading Rack Length 2000 mm
Working Height 870 mm
Cutting Blade Motor Power 350 W
Cutting Blade Rotation Speed 3000 RPM
Compress Air 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa
Voltage 380V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz(others on request)
Outer Dimension 4500(L) x 460(W) x 1200(H) mm