Spacer Bar Curve Bending Machine



IG-SBCB-M Is A Manual Tool To Bend Spacer Bars In Circular Or Curve Shapes In Front Or Side Way



It is a bench type press rollers structure. There are three cylindrical rollers in triangular alignment. One locates on top and two on bottom. A top hand wheel is used to rise up or lower down top roller. Another hand wheel is used to turn rollers. Rollers are heat treated and surfaces are hardened. Gears are carefully selected for durable purposes. IG-SBCB-M is simple but reliable. No electricity and no compress air are required.


Top roller's height is adjustable. Spacer bars are put in between top and bottom rollers. Hand wheel is turned to direct spacer bar into rollers gap. Spacer bar is curved while passing rollers gap. If radius of curvature of spacer bar is small, top roller is turned downwards to narrow rollers gap with bottom rollers. If it is large, top roller is turned upwards to broaden rollers gap with bottom rollers. The smallest radius of curvature the tool could curve is limited by rollers' radius. The largest radius of curvature is infinite. If radius of curvature is incorrect after curving, turn top wheel until rollers gap is adjusted to requested level. Spacer bar is driven into rollers gap again to redo the curving. This could be repeated until final radius of curvature is obtained.