Spacer Rings of Insulated Glass Units for Spider Joints Glazing Façade


Butyl Rope Separated with Non-Sticky Paper in Reel Packing Butyl Rope for Primary Seal of  Spacer Rings in Spider Insulated Glass Facade

Spacer rings are installed and primary sealed on insulated glass with butyl sealant. There are round grooves on the two sides of spacer ring. Butyl is applied on the grooves. The spacer ring is then fixed in between two pieces of glass. Butyl acts as primary seal. Followings are the descriptions of two usual processes to apply butyl on spacer ring:

  • WITH BUTYL EXTRUDING MACHINE - This is the machine to apply butyl on two sides of aluminum spacer bar. It can also be used to apply butyl on two sides of spacer ring. Manually hold spacer ring in between two extruding nozzles of the machine. Turn and rotate spacer ring when butyl is being extruded until the round grooves are fully filled with butyl sealant.
  • WITH BUTYL ROPE - It is round in section and packed in reel. Butyl rope is manually applied in the grooves on the two sides of spacer ring.
Simple Application of Butyl Rope on Two Sides of Spacer Ring