Glass & Mirror Cutting Tools



T-Shape Glass Cutting Tools

Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Alloy Structue of CUT-T-024 T Shape Glass Cutting Device

Aluminium Alloy Structure

  • Extruded Aluminium Alloy
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • High Precision

Refillable Cutting Oil Housing Assembly

  • Removable Cap for Cutting Oil Refill
  • Cutting Oil Reservoir In Top Half of Assembly
  • Cutting Wheel Holder Attached to Assembly
  • Cutting Oil Applied on Cutting Wheel Through Internal Duct During Cutting
  • Assembly Movable Along Cutting Arm for Cutting Width Adjustment
  • Replaceable Spare Parts Available
Durable Long Lasting Carbide Cutting Wheel Attached to Wheel Holder

Durable Carbide Cutting Wheel

  • Durable Long Lasting Carbide Cutting Wheel
  • Cutting Wheel is Always Attached to Cutting Wheel Holder
  • Available in 4 Types of Cutting Wheels for Cutting of Glass Thickness from 0.3mm till 19mm
    Type A: 0.3 ~ 2 mm
    Type B: 2 ~ 6 mm
    Type C: 6 ~ 12 mm
    Type E: 12 ~ 19 mm
Fast & Easy Replacement of Glass Cutting Wheel

Fast & Easy Replacement of Cutting Wheel

  • Cutting Wheel Attached to Cutting Wheel Holder
  • Replacing of Cutting Wheel Actually is Replacing of Cutting Wheel Holder
  • Takes Only Seconds To Insert & Lock Holder into Cutting Oil Housing Assembly
Guide Wheels Run Smoothly Along Glass Edge During Cutting CUT-T-027 Guide Wheel Anti-Abrasive Guide Wheels V Alignment of Guide Wheels Fit Perfectly Along Glass Surface & Edge During Cutting

Anti-Abrasive Guide Wheels

  • Runs Smoothly Along Glass Edge
  • Durable & High Precision
  • V Alignment of Guide Wheels Fit Glass Surface & Edge Perfectly When Cutting
  • Replaceable Spare Parts Available
CUT-T-025 Measuring Tape Display Both SI & Imperial Units Scale CUT-T-024 T Shape Cutting Tool for Glass with Precise Scale

Accurate Measuring Tape

  • Both SI & Imperial Units Scale
  • Replaceable Spare Parts Available in 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm & 210cm
Anti-Slipping Rubber Grip Hold Firmly During Cutting

Anti-Slipping Rubber Grip

  • Hold Tightly During Cutting
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Movable Along Cutting Arm
  • Durable Rubber