Boards, Blocks & Moulds for Glass Bending, Slumping & Fusing

Heat Soak

Moulds are usually required to heat soak prior to regular production. If heat soak is not done, moulds may be crack or damaged. Following is a general heat soak profile,

  • Keep Moulds at 200℃ for 3 Hours
  • Raise Up to 350℃ & Keep for Another 3 Hours
  • Raise Up to 450℃ & Keep for Another 6 Hours
  • Raise Up to 550℃ & Keep for Another 6 Hours
  • Reduce from 550℃ to Room Temperature Gradually

Above profile is only a general recommendation for reference. Heat soak profiles may vary from one type of mould to another. Xinology consultation may be required at order. If heat soak is not carried out or not done properly and mould is found crack or damaged after regular production, moulds shall not be deem to be faulty and Xinology shall not take any responsibility.