Automotive Glass Preprocessing Lines

Features & Specs


PLC Glass Washing & Drying Machine with High Performances of Washing & Drying PLC Glass Washing Machine with Stainless Steel Structures & Covers Glass Washing & Drying Machine with High Efficient Powerful Air Blower Drying System
Various Types of High Performance Glass Washing & Drying Machines Are Available On Request

High Performance Glass Washing Machines

Various types of high performance glass washing and drying machines are available on request. Depending on models, they come with one or more than one of following features,

  • PLC Controller with HMI Touch Panel Display
  • Faster Glass Washing & Drying Speed
  • More Stainless Steel Structures
  • Better Materials, Parts & Components
  • Better Washing Section Design
  • Better Water Splashing Preventing Structure
  • Better Water Circulation System
  • Better Drying Section Design
  • Powerful Air Blower Drying System
  • Lifting Upper Washing & Drying Section
  • Better Conveyor Driven Mechanism

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