Magic Mirror



Attractive Light Box

Attractive Magic Mirror Light Box Draws More Attention

Ordinary light box is simply a board. Magic mirror motion display light box is not just a board for propaganda. Images are dynamic and, it is also a mirror. Almost all people are attracted by mirror. When mirrors suddenly convert to images, it draws more attention.

Adjustable Images Switching Time

Adjustable Moiton Mirror Images Switching Time

Display duration between sequential display images is adjusted according to requirement. It could be shortened or lengthened. For example, if the image is full of information, duration between images is lengthened to allow more time for attention.

Multiple Dynamic Images

Multiple Dynamic Images Display One After Another

More than an image is displayed. Multiple images contain more information. And image is displayed one after another.

Replaceable Graphic Images

Images Replaceable Any Time You Wish

Graphics are replaceable any time you wish.

Fast & Easy Images Replacement

Fast & Easy Graphic Images Replacement

TIt takes just few minutes to replace images. It is fast and easy.

LED Dynamic Text

Dynamic LED Text Display at Mirror Bottom

In additional to images, LED text is displayed in mirror bottom for extra information. It could be logo or even time count down. Like images, LED text is changeable any time you wish.

Very Low Power Consumption

Motion Mirror Light Box Consumes Very Low Power

Digital electronic rectifier controls energy saving light source. It consumes very low power.

Vibration Resistant Aluminum Frame

Vibration Resistant Aluminium Frame of Mirror Display Light Box

The top quality and elegant aluminium frame is vibration resistant and is very suitable to apply in transportation system such as buses and trains. Mirror is 100% protected.

Slim & Light Acrylic Mirror Frame

Slim & Light Acrylic Mirror Frame

10mm acrylic frame is available when thin and light magic mirror light box display are major concerned.

Motion Mirror Light Box Installation

Easy Installation of Motion Mirror Light Box

Installation of magic mirror light box is as simple as any other ordinary light box.

Revolutionary Display Light Box

Revolutionary Display Light Box

Motion mirror light box is an innovative product to draw more attention.