Magic Mirror

Features & Specs

Motion Display Magic Mirrors (DMM Series)


Magic Mirror Light Box
with Six A4 Images
DMM Motion Display Intelligent Mirror DMM Motion Display Intelligent Mirror DMM Motion Display Intelligent Mirror DMM Motion Display Intelligent Mirror DMM Motion Display Intelligent Mirror DMM Motion Display Intelligent Mirror

Multiple Display Images

Depending on models, this magic mirrors holds from 2 to 8 display images with sizes A1, A2, A3 or A4. The images are simply output graphic films like ordinary two dimensional printed matters such as poster. Put them inside the frame right behind the mirror and mirror is turned magic. It is just that simple.

Light Turns Images Visible

There is light source behind images. When light is turned on, image becomes visible when view in front of mirror. When light is turned off, image becomes invisible.

Dynamic Motion Display

Images are displayed one after another like merry-go-round. This sequential images display allows audiences focus on one image at one time.

Mirror Look When No Images

When next image is displayed, image beforehand is disappeared and area occupied turns back to ordinary mirror right away. It flickers between images and mirror constantly and un-interruptedly. When image goes vanish, not even a trace of image perimeter is found on mirror.

Changeable Images

Images are changeable any time. When certain propaganda is over, images are removed from mirror and new images are put for subsequent program. Images replacements are easy and fast.

Very Low Power Consumption

Digital electronic rectifier controls energy saving light source. It consumes very low power.

Adjustable Images Switching Time

Display duration between sequential display images is adjusted according to requirement. It could be shortened or lengthened. For example, if the image is full of information, duration between images is lengthened to allow more time for attention.

Vibration Resistant Aluminum Frame

The top quality and elegant aluminium frame is vibration resistant and is very suitable to apply in transportation system such as buses and trains. Mirror is 100% protected.

Motion Mirror Installation

Installation of magic mirror light box is as simple as any other ordinary light box.


Models Frame Outer Dimensions (H*W)  (mm) Visible Areas (H*W) (mm) Each Display Image Size (H*W)  (mm) Nr. Of Display Image Frame Thickness (mm)
DMM-95A 950 * 700 880 * 630 210 * 297 (A4) 6 * A4 50
DMM-95B 950 * 700 880 * 630 420 * 297 (A3) 4 * A3 50
DMM-95C 950 * 700 880 * 630 420 * 594 (A2) 2 * A2 50
DMM-140A 1400 * 1000 1330 * 930 297 * 420 (A3) 8 * A3 50
DMM-140B 1400 * 1000 1330 * 930 594 * 420 (A2) 4 * A2 50
DMM-140C 1400 * 1000 1330 * 930 594 * 841 (A1) 2 * A1 50