Magic Mirror

Features & Specs

Visible Images Magic Sensor Mirrors when Objects Away (MM Series)


Image Invisible when Magic Mirror Senses Object Approaching
Magic Mirror Sensor Detects Object Approaching & Turns Image Invisible & Itself an Ordinary Mirror &
Image Turns Visible when Magic Mirror Detects Object Away
Sensor Triggers Image Visible When Object Away

Display Images

Visible image sizes vary on models. The images are simply graphic films like ordinary two dimensional printed matters such as poster. Put them inside the frame right behind the mirror and mirror is turned magic. It is just that simple.

Objects Approach Turn Images Visible

There is a sensor. When sensor does not detect any object in front of mirror, image is visible like ordinary sign board. When object approaches to mirror until detected by sensor, sensor triggers control which switches internal light off and thus, propaganda image is invisible instantaneously and mirror comes back. When objects go away from sensor, image appears again. Everybody becomes magician to control how he wants the magic mirror look like, mirror, or visible image. Detectable distance is 1.5m. It is adjustable within 1.5m.

Changeable Images

Images are changeable any time. When certain propaganda is over, images are removed from mirror and new images are put for subsequent program.

Very Low Power Consumption

Digital electronic rectifier controls energy saving light source. It consumes very low power.

Vibration Resistant Aluminum Frame

The top quality and elegant aluminium frame is vibration resistant and is very suitable to apply in transportation system such as buses and trains. Mirror is 100% protected. Aluminium is replaced by acrylic when optional ultra thin 10mm frame is selected.

Motion Mirror Installation

Installation of magic mirror light box is as simple as any other ordinary light box.


Models Frame Outer Dimensions (H*W)  (mm) Visible Areas (H*W) (mm) Display Image Size (H*W)  (mm) Frame Thickness (mm)
MMA0 1239 * 921 1189 * 841 1169 * 821 34 (Optional 10mm)
MMA1 941 * 674 841 * 594 821 * 574 34 (Optional 10mm)
MMA2 694 * 500 594 * 420 574 * 400 34 (Optional 10mm)
MMA3 500 * 347 420 * 297 400 * 277 34 (Optional 10mm)