Insulated Glass With Internal Shutter Blind


Insulated Glass is the Best Companion of Cleaning Free Blind Shutter
  • No Blind or Curtain Cleaning Required
  • Internal Blind Gets No Dirty
  • Keep Germs & Bacteria Away from Kids
  • Heat & Sound Barrier of Insulated Glass
  • Further Heat & Sound Barrier with Internal Blind
  • Ultimate Heat Regulate when using Solar Control &/or Low-E Glass
  • Improve Safety & Security when using Tempered Glass
  • Further Improved Safety & Security & Sound Proof as well when using Laminated Glass
  • All Mechanical & Electrical Parts & Components are Total Sealed inside Double Glazing Unit to Protect from Damaging
  • Extraordinary Quality of Blinds & Strings which Resist to Long Exposure of Sunlight
  • Long Lasting Top Quality of Mechanical & Electrical Components
  • Maintenance Free Internal Blinds
  • Manual, Wire &/or Wireless Control Available
  • Available in Venetian Blinds & Pleated Blinds
  • Blinds Available in Various Colors Matching Environment