Antimicrobial Glass & Anti-Bacteria Glass

Features & Specs

  • Special Chemical Coating Applied on Glass Surfaces
  • Suppress & Eliminate Micro-organisms Such As Bacteria, Germ, Fungus & Mold
  • Continuous Non-Stop Ag+ Chemical Reaction Process
  • Extremely Durable & Very Hard Anti-Abrasive Coating
  • Applicable In Many Fields Such As Hospital, Clinic, Nursery, Laboratory, Window & Door, Kitchenware & Appliance, Transportation Vehicle, Hygienic Care, Aquarium, Food & Beverage, Lighting, Glassware
  • Applied in Various Industries Which Hygienic Bacteria-Free Working Environment Is First Priority, including Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage Processing
Items Specifications
Glass Size To be specified by buyer
Glass Thickness 0.3 ~ 25 mm
Glass Type Ultra Clear Float Glass / Clear Float Glass
Glass Configuration Monolithic / Annealed / Tempered / Laminated / Insulated
Flat / Curve