Heat & Fire Resistant Insulation Fabrics, Ropes, Sleeves & Tapes



Fire & Heat Resistant Fabrics, Ropes, Sleeves and Tapes Withstand Up To 1000 Degrees Celsius

Heat & Fire Resistant Fabrics, Ropes, Sleeves & Tapes are Applied In Any Kind of Glass Drying & Curing Ovens, Glass Bending Ovens, Glass Tempering Furnaces, Float Glass Melting Tanks, Tin Baths & Annealing Lehrs, etc

These extraordinary heat insulation and heat preservation materials are extensively applied, not only glass industry, but also in many industries including aerospace, petrochemicals, metallurgy, automobile and of course, fire fighting, etc.

Fire Resistant Fabrics


Fire and heat resistant fabric is widely used in interior of any glass ovens, furnaces, lehr and melting tanks, etc. Super high temperature resistant fabrics are available for those areas with temperatures more than 800℃. Abrasive resistant and water proof fire resistant cloth is also available for those applications with physically contacts. It is applied in those area where heat insulation is required while allowing something access in and out. For example, abrasive resistant fire proof fabric could be turned into curtain mounting on entry/exit of glass bending oven. It is abrasive proof to resist frequent in and out of glass wagons carrying glass bending moulds while preventing heat escaped out of oven.

Fire Resistant Ropes


Fire and heat resistant ropes are one of the most popular heat resistant ropes used in glass tempering furnace. The ropes are wind up around conveyors rollers of quenching and unloading sections. Glass is at extremely high temperatures when it exits from heating furnace. High temperature resistant ropes are required to prevent hot glass from damaging rollers. The ropes are scratch free and leave no marks on glass surface.

Fire Resistant Sleeves

Fire Resistant Sleeves Widely Applied in Rollers Hearth Glass Tempering or Heating Furnaces

Heat and fire resistant sleeves are made from high temperature resistant texturized yarn by tubular braiding to obtain extremely stretchable and flexible sock like materials. In glass industries, these sleeves are usually used for heat protection of rollers. Sleeves are alternative to rope when faster and easier ways of replacement are most concern. Replacement of rollers sleeves is as simple as wearing socks. The sleeves is also extensively use in those rollers which directly get in contact with hot glass.

Fire Resistant Tapes

Heat Resistant Tapes are Made From Kitted or Woven Texturized Fiber Glass Yarns

The heat resistant tapes are made from knitted or woven texturized yarns. They do not burn or smolder and retain as much as 25% of its tensile strength at high temperature. The heat proof tapes exhibit high strength-to-weight ratio while maintaining excellent flexibility.