Liquid & Solid Centrifugal Separating Machine


Centrifuge Incorporated With Glass Double Edging Machines Residuals Separated From Water

Residual is left and precipitates in water tanks of glass grinding, polishing and drilling machines. Residual contains few contaminates such as removing glass powders and diamond and polishing tools’ chips and scraps. Residual is accumulated and becomes more and more. If water tank is not frequently clean, residual is as hard as rock. Cleaning of water tanks becomes difficult, man power consuming, idle machine running and costly.

Liquid and solid centrifugal separating machine is used to separate residual from liquid by means of centrifugal force. Recycling liquid drains from grinding and polishing machines to separating machine directly. Separating machine works in line with glass grinding and polishing machines and separate residual from liquid in real time. Cleaning of water tank is no more required.