Single Part Weatherproof Silicon Sealant for Stone Sealing (MF-889A)



Specially Formulated MF-889A Is Design For Stone Sealing

MF-889A is a one component, neutral cured, high elasticity and medium modulus silicone sealant special for the sealing of stone and the weatherproofing of stone curtain wall. It is also widely used in the sealing of building for its excellent resistance to weather and water. It has no corrosion to porous building materials such as granite and marble.

This single component MF-889A weatherproof silicon sealant is specially designed for stone sealing



  • Directly extruded in the temperature range of 10 - 50℃.
  • Single component. Neutral cured, no corrosion to the surface.
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials without primer.
  • Excellent resistance to weather aging, low and high temperatures. Good adhesion performance in the range -50℃~+150℃.
  • Excellent movement capability: ±25%.
  • No corrosion to porous building materials such as marble and granite.
  • Environment friendly sealant.


MF-889A is mainly applied in the assembly and weatherproofing sealing. It is suitable for filling the seam and joints with excellent good adhesion.


  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Avoid long-term contacting with skins.
  • Avoid contaminating food, medicine or cosmetics, etc.



  • Surfaces where silicon shall be applied must be cleaned, dried and free of grease.
  • Masking tape should be used to avoid contamination and they shall be removed after sealing.
  • It could be used directly under the temperature between 10 - 50℃.


It is inapplicable under following circumstances.

  • Any building materials with exudation of grease, plasticizer or solvent, etc
  • Vulcanized or semi-vulcanized rubber.
  • Structural assembly is required.
  • The joint which undertake structural intensity, suffering excessive rub or physical destroy.
  • Those regions where are closed and are cut off the air.
  • Frosted or humid surface.


  • Cartridge package:300 ml / pc(25 pcs / carton)
  • Sausage package:592 ml / pc(12 pcs / carton or 20 pcs / carton)


MF-889A is non-dangerous and it could be delivered by different transportation methods such as truck, train, boat and plane, etc.


The shelf-life shall be 12 months stored in shady, dry and ventilated environment below 27℃.


Items Description Specifications
1 Colour Black, grey, brown and white, etc.
2 Tack-free Time (min.) ≤ 120
3 Sag (mm) ≤ 1
Placed for 21 hrs in the conditions of 23℃±2℃, 50%±5% relative humidity
4 Tensile Strength (MPa) ≥ 0.5
5 Hardness (Shore A) 20 - 60
6 Pollution No pollution
7 Curing Time (T=25℃, RH=50%) (days) 7 - 14
Meet ASTM C920, JC/T883 and GB/T14683 standards