Dust Removal Glass Surface Cleaning Machine


Drawer Pull Out Design for Easy Maintenance & Replacement of Adhesive Rolls Compact Design Surface Cleaning Machine
  • Surface Cleaning & Dust Removal Glass Surface Cleaning Machine with Anti-Static Devices
  • Consist of Inlet Conveyor, 1st Anti-Electrostatic Air Section, Dust Removal Rubber Rollers, Dust Sticking Adhesive Paper Rolls, 2nd Anti-electrostatic Air Section & Exit Conveyor
  • Painted Steel Enclosure
  • Inlet Conveyor Drives Glass Towards Machine
  • Reliable Anti-Static Air Generator Creates Anti-Static Air Blown on Glass to Eliminate Glass Surface Electrostatic Resulting in Less Adhesion between Dust & Glass
  • Rubber Rollers Pick up Dust when Glass Travels & Gets in Contact with Rollers
  • Special Formulated Rubber Leaves no Trace on Glass
  • One Top Rubber Roller & another Bottom Rubber Roller Serve Both Glass Surfaces
  • Driven Rubber Rollers Drive Glass Passing Through
  • Top Rubber Roller Turns & Transfers Dust onto Adjacent Adhesive Paper Roll
  • Dust Sticks on Adhesive Paper Roll Leaving Rubber Roller Clean all the Time
  • Special Adhesive Leaves no Trace on Rubber Roller
  • Glass Passes out of Rubber Rollers & is blown by Second Anti-Static Air Eliminating Glass Electrostatic to Prevent Dust Attracted on Glass Again
  • Glass Driven onto Exit Conveyor & is ready for Unloading or Subsequent Procedure
  • Drawer Design Allows Adhesive Paper Rolls Pulled Out Easily
  • Dusty Adhesive Surface is Unrolled, usually One Round, & is Trimmed off until Fresh Adhesive Surface is exposed for Further Dust Removing
  • Other Than Glass, the Machine also Remove Dust from PCB, Plastic Sheets or Films, Metals Sheets or Foils or Any Other Applications Where Dust Free is Crucial