Fire Resistant Glass



Fire Resistant Glass

Fire resistant glass is one of the most important safety glass. Coefficient expansion of thermal expansion of the glass is extremely low. It could resist much thermal shock caused by extreme temperature gradient across the glass between fire exposed and non fire exposed sides. Glass becomes molten but does not break under high temperature and high temperature gradient. It remains its integrity to keep away blaze, smoke and fume. This wire free fire resistant glass performs any one, two or three of following characteristics depending on Class and Grade.

  • It remains its integrity for a certain period of time. It refers to the time the glass remains intact in a fire
  • It forms a strong radiation barrier that prevents fire from spreading. It refers to amount the glass prevents heat emission permeate to non-exposed side.
  • It is heat insulation to prevent heat flux or high temperature at non-fire side. It refers to amount the glass restricts the temperature rise on non-fire side.

All of these are significant contribute to evacuation of fire scene, the work of fire fighters and rescuers.