Float Flat Sheet Panel Borosilicate Glass 3.3 Panes


General Property


3.3 Borosilicate float glass is high flatness resembling to ordinary float glass.

Low Density

Density of borosilicate glass is low. It is approximately 10% lighter than soda-lime glass. The light weight glazing is applied where loading is an issue.

Environmental Friendly

Raw materials of the glass are natural. Glass can be recycled at lowest possible costs for many times easily without high technology. Disposal does no harm to the earth. Low carbon foot print glass. It is an environmental friendly glass.

Thermal Property

There is high boron content in borosilicate glass composition. The additional element reduces thermal expansion rate. Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion accounts for its superior thermal stability. Heat resistant 3.3 borosilicate glass stays intact under high temperature and temperature fluctuates for long time duration. It withstands thermal shock and temperature differentials. Borosilicate glass can also resist to temperature gradients across different zones of the glass. Hot borosilicate glass can survive when it is rapid cooled down in running water. Borosilicate glass 3.3 withstands harsh thermal loads.

Mechanical Property

Boron has the ability to enhance molecular bonding of the glass and result in high mechanical strength. It is mechanically stable and withstands mechanical loads.

Borosilicate glass is harder. It shows high ability of anti-abrasive and scratch resistant. It is helpful when the glass is washed and wiped mistakenly by improper materials.

The glass bears low fragility due to its very low content of alkaline metal oxides. It reduces the risk of breaking during handling, transportation and installation.

The flow rate of high viscosity borosilicate glass is very low. It has high elasticity and high bending strength while at low fragility.

It performs better in mechanical loads while lighter relatively to soda-lime glass.

Chemical Property

There is very low alkaline content in borosilicate glass ingredients. It is highly hydrolytic resistance. The glass is anti-corrosive and weather proof. It resists acids, alkalis and organic substances. Unlike alkaline glass such as soda lime glass, borosilicate glass contains very low alkaline composition. The alkali is very stable and the glass behaves very low alkali diffusion.

Commercial cleaning and washing agents and acidic rain do no harm to the glass. Chemical attack is no more an issue.

Optical Property

Borosilicate glass has higher light transmission in the visible wavelength range than soda-lime glass due to its lower iron content composition. The purity of raw materials ingredients' makes it superior visual and optical clarity. It is also high transparency in the near IR and UV range. It is optical distortion free and inert to UV.