Flat Aluminosilicate Glass Sheet Panel


Unparalleled Flexural Bending Strength at Extraordinary High Mechanical Impact Strength Anti-Chemical Attack Corrosive Aluminosilicate Glass Flat Sheet Panels

Aluminosilicate glass has higher composition of alumina Al2O3 comparing to ordinary soda lime float glass. Additional aluminum oxide allows outstanding performance of aluminum silicate glass in terms of various properties such as mechanical, thermal, chemical, optical and electrical.

Alumino silicate glass is usually undergone a process called chemically strengthening. It is a chemical process which chemical ions are exchanged between aluminium silicate glass and salt. During glass chemically tempering, larger ions penetrate into smaller hole. This process increases glass surface stress resulting extraordinary mechanical properties.

Meanwhile, high composition of aluminum helps to stimulate the activation of ion exchange during chemical toughening process. Comparing to soda lime glass, compressive stress (CS) and depth of layer (DOL) of aluminosilicate glass can be higher and at shorter time.