Autoclave-Free PVB Glass Laminating Oven



No Vacuum Bags or Rubber Rings

High temperature resistant silicon vacuum blankets are incorporated with PVB laminating oven. Well assembly glass is put inside the silicon blanket which sealed tight to prevent air leaking during vacuum. No extra vacuum bags or rubber rings are required.

No Vaccum Bag Required for PVB Glass Vacuum & Heating Oven Free of Autoclave No Vaccum Ring Required for PVB Glass Vacuum & Laminating Oven Free of Autoclave

Glass Assemly & Laminating Workshop & PVB Storage Room Needs No More Dehumidifiers & Air Conditioners

No Air Conditioner or Dehumidifier

Production of PVB laminated glass by this oven requires no air conditioning and de-humidifying. PVB can be stored, handled and laminated under room temperature environment condition. No climatic control room for oven. PVB assembly can be done at room temperature environment condition. No climatic storage room is needed for PVB.

Individual Drawer Design Oven

Oven is in drawer design. Drawers are individual from each other. Each drawer can be pulled out and pushed in separately.

Drawer Design Allows Pulling Out or Pushing In of Each Drawer Individually

Maximizes Productivity

Multiple layers laminated glass can be piled up during loading. This multiply production capacity.

Stack of Multiple Layers of PVB Laminated Glass Maximizes Productivity

Extremely Low Power Consumption

Extremely Low Power Consumption of Autoclave Free PVB Glass Oven

Due to individual drawer heating design and multiple layers piled up of laminated glass, PVB laminated glass production consumes very little electricity power.

Produces Armour Glass with Polycarbonate

This oven can also produces armor glass consisting of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate Armor Glass can also be Made from Autoclave Free Laminating Oven

Durable & Flexible Silicon Blankets

Extremely Flexible & Durable Silicon Sheet Blanket Seals Assembly Laminated Glass Thoroughly

This strong silicon blanket meets the most severe industrial tests. It is made of special high temperature resistant silicon. The material would not become brittle after numerous heating up and cooling down. It resists to high tearing force when warping around glass during vacuum.

Extremely High Vacuum of PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass Machine Free of Autoclave

High Vacuum

When top silicon blanket wraps around laminated glass, there is no room for any air trapped between top and bottom silicon blankets. This is due to powerful vacuum pump, highly flexible silicon blanket and patented silicon blanket edges sealing.

Low Cost Single PVB Laminating Machine Needs No Autoclave Investment

Less Capital Investment

Only one single machine is required to produce PVB laminated glass. It is just an oven. No investment in autoclave is required. No investment in large pre-laminating line is required. No investment in climatic control room is required.

No Foundation

Unlike autoclave, PVB glass laminating oven requires no pit or slot.

PVB Laminating Oven Requires No Foundation & No Pit
Autoclave Free Glass Laminating Oven Maximizes Labor Efficiency

Maximize Labor Efficiency

When first batch is heated and cooled inside oven, operator is not required to look after the oven. He could be switched to process interlayer cutting and glass assembly for next batch.

Operation of Autoclave Free PVB Film Glass Laminating Oven Requires Very Low Labor Force

Less Labor Forces

If glass is not large, one operator is enough to assembly glass and handle the PVB laminating oven.

Fast & Simple Installation of Autoclave Free Laminated Glass Production Machine

Simple Installation

The autoclave free glass laminating machine is delivered in complete body. Installation is just wire connection. Within few days, oven is ready for industrial production.

No Rollers Presses or Autoclave

Thanks to years of research and development and proven experience as well, PVB laminated glass could be obtained without using autoclaves nor rollers presses. The PVB laminating production done by proper vacuum and heating oven is a one step process. Pre-laminating and final bonding are done within the same oven.

Autoclave Free Glass PVB Laminating Oven Requires No Roller Press Glass PVB Film Laminating Machine Requires No Autoclave

PVB Laminated Glass Made from Autoclave Free Laminating Machine is Absolutely Free of Bubbles

Absolutely Bubbles Free

Without air conditioner and de-humidifier, customers may be afraid if workshops locate in humid regions where PVB will contain high content of water moisture. Thanks to sophisticated oven design, final product of PVB laminated glass is absolutely free of bubbles. No de-lamination will occur. We have even trial and splashed water across PVB film before assembly and laminating. Final product is still satisfactory, free of bubbles. Now, customers do not worry any more glass remains wet after washing and drying.

Heating Energy Saving

If only one drawer is loaded with glass, heating can be only applied to this drawer during production. No heating is required for other drawers with empty glass loading. This drastically reduces heating power.

Heating Applied Only to Drawers Loaded with PVB Glass

Various Glass Shapes & Sizes Loading

Multiple layers laminated glass with different shapes and sizes could be piled up and loaded within a certain drawer. This flexibility allows easy control of production scheme and increases productivity as well.

Various Shapes of Small PVB Laminated Glass Piled Up withing Same Loading

Produces All Glass Armour Glass

This oven produces also multi-layers armor bullet proof glass.

Autoclave Free Glass Laminating Machine Produces Armour Glass with PVB Interlayers

Produces also EVA Laminated Glass

Autoclave Free PVB Laminating Oven can also Produces EVA Laminated Glass

This oven not only produces PVB laminated glass, but also EVA laminated glass. It is a dual purposes autoclave-free PVB and EVA laminated glass production oven.

Fast & Easy Glass Loading & Unloading

Thanks to silicon blanket edges sealing design, it is firmly sealed on one hand while it could be unseal and open easily on the other. This allows fast glass loading and unloading resulting in high production efficiency.

Easy Loading & Unloading of Autoclave Free Glass PVB Laminating Machine

Non-Restricted Glass Sizes & Shapes

Extraordinary high tensile strength and elongation of silicon blankets allowing different shapes and sizes of laminated glass loaded in same silicon blankets and within one batch.

PVB Laminated Glass Making Machine Produces Any Glass Shapes at Any Sizes
Non-Pressurised PVB Laminated Glass Vacuum & Heating Oven is Safe

Safe Equipment

Unlike autoclave, PVB laminated glass vacuum and heating oven is not a pressure vessel.

Single Glass Laminating Machine Occupies Little Space

Less Space

PVB laminating oven is comparatively small and occupies little space.

PLC & HMI of Autoclave Free PVB Laminating Machine Turns Operation a Piece of Cake

Easy Operation

PVB glass laminating oven comes with a PLC. The oven will run itself until PVB laminated glass is done. It is just that simple.

Autoclave-Free PVB Laminated Glass Vacuum & Heating Oven is Free of Noise Pollution

No Noise Pollution

Unlike autoclave, PVB glass laminating machine is free of noise pollution.

Low Operating & Maintenance Costs

Lowest Possible Operating & Maintenance Cossts of Autoclave Free Laminating Oven

Operating cost could be minimized when all silicon blankets are fully loaded with glass at one batch. The oven is design in simple construction and requires very little maintenance.